You have found your way to our homepage because we’re sure we share the same two passions – motorbikes and trekking. The name’s Explorers, Himalayan Explorers and we trek and ride India. We’re proud of our team, they’re a damn good one and they aren’t shaken or stirred by much. From ride captains to trek guides to mechanics to chefs and porters. They know their stuff. Come explore our team page and get to know us a little better. Once we’re acquainted, hop on board for the 2015 Himalayan Explorers extravaganza: pumpin’ it up in India!

Motorcycling Tours

Ride the Indian desert trail or conquer the mountain passes of the Himalayas with us. Our spectacular rides leave nothing to be desired.

Trekking Tours

Step into the solitude and wonder of the Himalayas. Join us on one of our spectacular trekking expeditions and you'll never look back.

Service Learning

We host a variety of service learning programmes here in Dharamsala, India in conjunction with partners from the US and Canada. Every year groups of young people come to learn more about doing community service abroad and experience the local culture.

Himalayan Explorers

The name's Explorers, Himalayan Explorers. Come get to know us on our About page and feel free to direct any questions to any of us. Our team is awesome and between us we have a world of experience and can communicate in a variety of languages. Fire away!


We call our blog The Chai Stop because over the course of many many treks and rides, and invariably over chai, you pick up a world of information and an ocean of stories. Here, we intend to share much of that with you...

University of Guelph India Field School

Since our Field School group has arrived in India at the end of April, we have done so much in such a short amount of time. Together we have gone to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, listened to many guest lectures, went hiking, toured around Dharamsala, visited the Masroor Rock Temples, and many more activities. Individually we have all been doing our best to adjust to a new culture, reflect on our actions, evaluate and increase our intercultural competence, and learn how we can be useful and productive at our volunteer placements. Overall, it has been a constant amount of activity, learning, and reflection. As the end of our trip draws nearer, however, I find that I am grappling with the question of how can I continue to learn from my experiences and time that I spent in India once I have arrived back in Canada?